While laundry room design isn’t usually high on the list of some homeowners, it’s surprising how much a renovated laundry space can make a difference!

No more hiding away in dark rooms, folding laundry and ironing in cramped uninspiring places. Here are some features that can truly make your daily laundry experience less of a chore.

Storage, Storage, Storage

From cleaning products and laundry supplies, to extra places to stash sports equipment and seasonal items – extra storage is a must for any laundry room design project! From adding extra cabinets, to beautifully organized laundry bins and wall racks, no matter what size your laundry room is there are many creative ways to add more storage.

Custom laundry room design
Folding Space

Fitting as much workspace as you can into small or large laundry rooms is important! Much needed counter space is essential for folding, separating, loading and unloading. Small spaces can benefit from folding or stowaway tables that can be put away when not in use.

Custom modern laundry room design sophisticated wood textures
Custom laundry room design upgrades

Let’s be honest, not everyone has space or the budget for a laundry room sink, but the benefits can be appealing! If you have the option of adding a sink to your laundry room design it can help with the resale value of your home as well as provide some laundry perks. Most parents can attest that having a sink you don’t also wash dishes in is great when dealing with messy diaper situations and clothing stains. It’s also nice not to have to run your delicates to the bathroom sink to wash or rinse.


A custom ironing board solution is a must have for any laundry room design. While its a necessary tool for ironing, they sure seem to get in the way of everyday life and can be a hassle to put away and get out every morning. Hiding your ironing board in a cabinet or drawer is the perfect way to maximize space and create an efficient work area. These ironing board storage solutions might make you rethink your current setup!


Tired of setting up your drying rack in the living room or hallway? Plan it into your laundry room design! These handy hidden racks are perfect solutions for adding in extra hanging space for clothes instead of seeing how many clothes hangers will fit on a doorknob.


A few tips and tricks to help you make smart design choices for your new laundry room style:

  • Color and Patterns – A bold wall color, tile accent wall, or wallpaper feature can be an easy way to add personality and cheer to a small laundry room space.
  • Check the Doors – make sure your washer and dryer are installed to allow for easy opening and closing of the machine doors. This can help later when switching loads over!
  • Beat the Heat – Make sure your laundry space stays cool and dry by keeping the room ventilated and comfortable. Dehumidifiers are a great option for stuffy spaces that seem to warm up easily.
Custom cabinet designs by Latham

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