Wondering if ceiling beams would be a good addition to your home’s design? There are so many ways to use them, and a custom designed beam system might be the perfect accent! Some can be formal, rustic, vintage, reclaimed, or even used to hire wires or light fixtures.

Ceiling beams used to be only structural accents, and sometimes they still are!
While homes with beautiful wood trussed ceilings may not be that common anymore, adding decorative beams to your own ceiling is easier than you think. Here are a few styles and types of decorative wooden beams that will compliment any space!
Defining Spaces

Ceiling beams are also a great way to add some definition to the more open spaces of your home. From direction changes, to only accenting one “space” in the room, beams can help create visual transitions from room to room in open floor plan designs.

Defining space ceiling beams - Latham
Ceiling Beams in Kitchen -Latham

Natural rustic beams can range from vintage wood with natural textures and wear, to more inexpensive man made versions with “wear and tear” added by hand after production. This style tends to flow well across many types of furniture and designs, from cottage to cabin, rustic also mixes well with more modern elements for contrast and warmth.


Beams that blend in with the ceiling color as opposed to contrasting it can add depth and texture to your space. One of the hardest parts of adding wood beams is choosing the stain or finish that will tie the room together. This option removes that pressure. Another variation of this method is to paint the beams the same color as your trim for a cohesive look throughout the room. 


Using beams to accent the anchor of the space, or even create one is fairly simple. From fireplaces to entryways, usually the best places to highlight are already there for you already. If not, the direction and placement of your beams may create a new visual anchor.


Trusses are normally what you see in the attic space of a house, as building support for your roofing system. Being lucky enough to find old trusses that are easily exposed and refinished doesn’t normally happen outside of HGTV, but adding in your own custom designed trusses is a real option. These style beams require more space.

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