Designing a home office is a great way to create the perfect space for your work in a way that adds to your home’s overall functionality. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for making the most out of any space and designing a place you’ll love to work in.

Find An Unused Space

While the ideal home office has its own room with a door you can close at the end of the day, not all homes or families have an extra bedroom lying around. The best place for a home office in your house is somewhere quiet, and out of the way. That might mean building out a desk with shelves in the guest bedroom, turning an existing closet, nook, or alcove into a beautiful office space. When designing your home office it’s important to look for these unused areas, and see how you can take advantage of what you already have.

Customize Your Design

Whether you are working with a large or small space, customizing your storage or desk with built-ins can add functionality to any office. Whether it’s a large corner desk with as many drawers as you can fit, or a wall of custom bookcases and cabinets to disguise your desk into the wall of a living space. Adding in the customized storage when designing your home office can really end up being a huge benefit to the space overall, whether it’s a part of a larger area like the living room or its own area like a study.

Be Inspired

The best part about a home office space is curating the look and feel of the room or space to exactly your own tastes. The best ways to add your own personal touches to and office nook or room are below:

  • Add a splash of color – from moody wall colors to patterned wallpaper, there are many ways to make an office space feel even more you.
  • Comfort is key – while you might always strive to be professional, the best part about a home office is that you are HOME. Add a comfy rug, make sure there are pillows, light a candle in the corner to relax, it’s your own personal work space!
  • Get creative with the storage – making sure there are plenty of places for you to hide your folders, paper, printer, books, art supplies, or more, is one of the most important parts of an office design.
Custom cabinet designs by Latham

Any home project can start to feel overwhelming, whether its a new garage addition with built-in storage, or new custom cabinets for your kitchen. But at Latham we are here with you every step of the way! From start to finish our team will walk you through the design, build, and installation processes until project completion.


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