We’d venture to say that when most people think of cabinets, minds go straight to the kitchen! But why do we limit ourselves? These wonderful, item-holding, organization-waiting, receptacles of things can be beneficial in so many other places throughout your home. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to explore cabinet installation in places other than your kitchen.

The first location in your home that is in need of some cabinetry TLC is your laundry room. Did you think that your laundry room is a room in your house that supports only chores? How boring! Spice up not only the look but the functionality. Store soaps, detergents, cleaners and bleach up high – out of sight and out of reach of tiny hands.

Custom modern kitchen cabinets
Custom modern kitchen cabinets

Try adding some cabinets in your garage. A seemingly simple space can easily be decluttered by adding some cabinets. Tools, camping gear, kids’ toys and more can all find their homes in cabinets. It keeps your stuff organized and off the floor, safe from all the pests and potential hazards that can come with a garage. Plus, your garage will remain looking nice and neat!


Basements get a bad rap! Often relegated to being drab spaces where we stack boxes on boxes, you can liven up these spaces aesthetically by adding some cabinets while also providing further storage for all things a basement should house. How nice would it be to have a hidden, organized space for everything that you throw into your basement?

Custom modern kitchen cabinets
Custom modern kitchen cabinets

Are you a coffee fiend or a connoisseur of cocktails? Add some lower cabinets to your dining room, top it off with a small countertop and some shelves, and create your own personal beverage bar!

Cabinets are necessary and functional, but with some added visual appeal and atypical placement, you can up your cabinet game and still accomplish the same functionality. The customizability and versatility of cabinets make them some of the most important additions that you could place in your home. Get creative about their placement and design and you can expand your storage beyond your wildest imaginations!
Custom cabinet designs by Latham

Any home project can start to feel overwhelming, whether its a new garage addition with built-in storage, or new custom cabinets for your kitchen. But at Latham we are here with you every step of the way! From start to finish our team will walk you through the design, build, and installation processes until project completion.


Whether you are just trying to figure out the details or already have a design in mind, our team is ready to engineer and custom build any millwork, cabinet, or staircase project for your home!