Looking for custom home library inspiration?

Dedicating a whole room for a cozy reading space is a luxury most don’t have these days, but book lovers everywhere still need a great place to display and enjoy their books! The key is making the most out of the space you have available, and sometimes that means getting a little creative.

Here are some creative solutions that are stylish and work with so many different spaces.
Custom home library

The key to an amazing home library is using custom solutions that fit your available space. Without a whole room to dedicate, optimizing living spaces allows a great view of your books in a comfortable area. Whether its a nook by the kitchen or a wall in the dining room, these areas can be cozy and stylish without taking up too much valuable square footage! One thing to remember is lighting – a great reading space needs good light.

Hallways, Closets & Stairs

When tight on extra space for your home library, sometimes the best solutions are in underutilized areas like stair landings, hallways, or linen closets. Library built-ins can be creative design elements with pops of color or wallpaper, plus high traffic areas are great places to show off a beautiful book collection. Transforming a closet or under-the-stairs space into a small library can add the perfect cozy atmosphere to your home!


Choosing The Right Room For Your Home Library

Using an existing office space for a home library is a great way to add storage and style to any home. Moody jewel tones and darker stains are traditional study design options, with lighter colors giving a more studio feel. Living rooms and dining areas are also great places to show off your book collection, and there are so many different ways to add custom built-ins!


While coziness isn’t an essential factor of a home library space, it certainly makes for a better reading experience! Adding a comfortable reading chair or loveseat (if space allows) is a good first step, while cozy throw blankets, pillows, and a reading light are other great accents. Depending on your space, adding design elements that create a more comfortable environment might be more limited to hanging artwork, adding plants, or going with bold colors and stains for the bookshelves.

Custom cabinet designs by Latham

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