Two tone kitchen cabinets are an easy way to add some color to the design of a space, without going overboard. Plus, its a style thats simple to customize or build on for a cohesive style though-out the house!

Two tone kitchen cabinets

The great part about adding in a pop of color to your cabinetry, is the amount of freedom that gives you with the design. But there are a few standard styles of two tone cabinets. Ranging from the standard kitchen island color pop, to mixing finishes completely!

Sometimes going for a bold color for the entire kitchen can feel too intimidating for homeowners, and that’s completely understandable. It’s hard to envision something so different in a familiar space like a kitchen, living room, or home office. Adding in a bold color on a small section of cabinets makes it easier to add a beautiful accent that compliments your style instead of overwhelming it!

Instant design upgrade – with the right placement and style, two tone kitchen cabinets can bring your space to the next level

Simply choose your accent color, and decide which areas of the kitchen and what cabinets should be what color or finish.  Two tone kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen feel luxuriously custom, without blowing the budget!

Two tone kitchen cabinets - blue lowers white uppers
Two tone kitchen cabinet upgrades grey island color with white uppers

Probably the most common two tone kitchen cabinets style focuses on highlighting the lower cabinets, while leaving the uppers a bright white or light grey color. This style makes it easy to order and install for homeowners, not to mention the color seems less intense on the lower section, which can give your design a much more subtle look.


This style absolutely depends on perfect color choice and cabinet placement! With the right colors this style can give your kitchen a boutique feel, or help separate spaces in a more open layout. Whether its a floor to ceiling navy blue pantry cabinet, or even a mix of natural wood stain and painted cabinets, the options are almost endless when you go into a two tone kitchen cabinets design plan with an open mind!

Two tone kitchen cabinets - natural wood tones
Two tone kitchen cabinets patchwork
Custom cabinet designs by Latham

We know home projects can get frustrating, whether its a new garage addition with built-in storage, or new two tone kitchen cabinets. But at Latham we are here with you every step of the way! From start to finish our team will walk you through the design, build, and installation processes until project completion.



Whether you are just trying to figure out the details or already have a design in mind, our team is ready to engineer and custom build any millwork, cabinet, or staircase project for your home!