Ready to build your Dream Staircase? There are seemingly endless options and parts when it comes to designing the perfect set of stairs for your home!

“Do I want Italian-inspired tile lining each step?”

“Do I want my risers to be made of wood, stone, textiles, or empty space?”

“What is a baluster? What is a newel?”

The process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We have you covered! To simplify the process for you, we have broken things down into a high-level overview of the design elements

  • HANDRAIL – The railing which allows you to safely ascend and descend your beautiful new staircase. Railing materials are truly endless.

  • BALUSTERS & SPINDLES – Good news… these are basically the same thing! Balusters and spindles are the decorative support elements that hold up the handrail.

  • NEWEL & NEWEL CAP – In traditional, straight staircases, the newel (or newel post) will be the main post at the foot or the head of the staircase. Like balusters / spindles, it is also a vertical post that supports the handrail. Much like an accent wall in a room, a newel post is also a fun place to let your creativity fly!

  • TREAD – The tread are the steps themselves. Think of it this way: the tread of your shoes touches the tread of the stairs!

  • NOSING – A nosing is on the same surface as the tread, and it protrudes beyond the riser.

  • RISER – The riser is the vertical space between each step. In some more modern designs where a space or gap is desired between steps, the riser may not exist.

  • WALL STRING – The wall string is the material along the wall that follows the course of the steps. It can protect your adjacent wall from shoe marks, from stair-sledding children, or from the sofa you may be carrying up the stairs.

Custom staircase design with natural wood tones
Custom modern staircase design floating treads

While there are so many options and varieties for each of these design elements, we are excited to walk alongside you in the design process to make sure that the staircase in your mind becomes a reality with your finished product. Check out our gallery of kitchen cabinets for inspiration, or start your estimate today and send us a message.

Custom cabinet designs by Latham

Any home project can start to feel overwhelming, whether its a new garage addition with built-in storage, or new custom cabinets for your kitchen. But at Latham we are here with you every step of the way! From start to finish our team will walk you through the design, build, and installation processes until project completion.



Whether you are just trying to figure out the details or already have a design in mind, our team is ready to engineer and custom build any millwork, cabinet, or staircase project for your home!